Gwen Peterson Choate
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Gwen Peterson Choate’s Novel, THE SACK, has been nominated by Texas librarians for consideration as one of five books by Texas authors for middle grade readers.

Known as a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, this former grade school teacher’s strong emphasis is on young people who live in heartbreaking situations. Some survive and go on to lead happy and productive lives. But far too many fall through the cracks. It is for them that she writes.

A Hands-up for Losers

It’s hard to believe you are capable of accomplishing good things if society sees you as a loser--physically handicapped, dirt poor, the ‘wrong’ race or color, or suffering from sexual abuse or parents with drug addictions. It is from this awareness that she wrote THE SACK. Her hope is that it will say to those who read it: “You weren’t born inferior. That’s not who you are. If there are those who see you as LESS, prove them wrong. BE MORE.”


You can't deny the music...

Althea is trapped in a reclusive commune where she is forced to wear a sack-like garment according to the restrictive laws set down by inflexible elders. But growing inside of her is the 'music', a stirring rhythm demanding that she dance. When Miss LaForge contrives Althea's escape to study at the sack-free Institute of the Arts, she hides the truth of her scholarship from her parents and the elders to embark upon the adventure of her life.

Her joy soon ends though, when her friend, Colin Reed, writes about her peerless dance performance. She is whisked home to marry a dominating elder and soon realizes that if she doesn't escape the commune, she may lose her last opportunity for freedom . . . as well as her life.

What people are saying about The Sack.

“I was captivated immediately and couldn’t put it down. A real page-turner, with some of the richest characters I have ever known...Ms. Choate captured the essence of so many important facets of life.” -- amazondani

“In the Sack, Gwen Choate has written a compelling story with a surprising, but satisfying ending...The chilling description of the internal workings of a communal sect holds more than a grain of truth regarding the coercion of young people. Teens who aspire to higher artistic goals will relate to this coming of age novel.” -- A Kindle Customer

“Oh wow! Succulent writing! Remarkably timely, as well as timeless...Rare is the writer like Ms. Choate who can create a book targeting young women writers that older women will love as well. Clean, crisp, compelling--librarians and teachers, this one needs to be in your collections NOW.” -- Nancy Robinson Masters